Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Mexican Wine, No Joke

Mexico has got tequila-making down pat, and it does pretty well with beer-brewing too. Why not add winemaking to the list?
Recently, I spent an afternoon with an old friend whom most people would describe as a wine snob. I think of him more as having very specific tastes, but let’s just say those tastes run to the high end. I gave him a red wine blind. The day was cold, so the deep, dark richness of the wine was appropriate. He sniffed it and then took a sip and finally said, “Not my kind of wine, but it’s delicious. Is it Spanish?”
“Not even close,” I said. “But you got the language right at least.”
“Nope. Mexico.”
Needless to say he was astonished. The wine tasted like nothing he’d had before: It was rich, yet so dry.

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