Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Casa de Piedra, Pioneers of a New Era in México´s Wine Scene

Casa de Piedra is a familiar, warm, beautiful winery that was literaly made stone by stone.
This winery was born in 1997 and as his owner Hugo D´Acosta say it was “Inspired on the freedom of doing”
Casa de Piedra has a building, that has not only a home warmth, it has also the enologic sensitiveness and the technology needed to give the wine the taste of the terroir.

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Casa de Piedra, Winery – Vineyard – Boutique

This discreet vineyard, located at Km 93.5 in the valley of San Antonio de Las Minas, is considered by some as Mexico’s most innovative and ground-breaking winery. Its red Vino de Piedra and white Piedra de Sol are considered among the best wines in Mexico. They are exclusive, expensive and hard to find, but many who have tried them say it’s worth it.

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