Friday, September 22, 2006

Greater New York Wine and Food Expo

We are producing the Greater New York Wine and Food Expo on October 21 & 22, just outside of New York City. It is a trade and consumer event presented by the area's largest newspaper.

We would love to have Mexican wines represented. Who would be interested ? More details here:
Thank you,

Fern Amster

Fern Amster
PM Events Ltd.
PO Box 3193
Kingston, NY 12402
PH (845) 331-4580
FAX (845)-331-8209

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Italian wines in Mexico

Inquiry. Italian wine on the international market: problems and perspectives within the markets

Hello, my name is Carlo Flamini.

I am an Italian wine writer, and I am contacting you because I have been entrusted with the task of putting together an extensive dossier on the current position of Italian wines in various countries abroad: problems the wines face with respect to image, promotion, pricing structure, and communication programmes that perhaps leave something to be desired. This dossier will be the main feature of /Enotria/, an annual supplement to /Il Corriere Vinicolo/, the weekly organ of the most important professional organisation in the Italian wine world, the Unione Italiana Vini. Publication is scheduled to coincide with Vinitaly, in April 2007.

We have selected certain countries that we believe are important strategically for Italian wine today. For each of them I have tried to choose a wine writer with outstanding credentials and with expertise in areas relate to the wine market, hoping to find collaborators who can provide us with ideas and proposals.

The objective is to put together one survey on each country, covering the promotion of Italian wine in that country, analysis of the current state of affairs, strong points if any, areas of weakness where improvement is needed, plus a number of ideas/suggestions, based on your experience, whereby Italy could gain a more incisive presence in the UK market, through improved communication, promotion, and presentation of its wines. A kind of analysis of the consumer, of their attitudes to, and expectations of, Italian wines, as well as an analysis of the market in your country, which would highlight marketing strategies that are working, with possible examples of currently successful strategies of European or New World competitor countries. Criticism is welcome, of course, all the better if it is constructive.

Each collaborator will be given 4 pages in Enotria; the assigned text will be 2,700 words long (or 10 pages of 1,800 keystrokes each), with submission by the end of October.
The text should be in English if at all possible, to facilitate translation into Italian; the argument should be backed by statistics and graphs relevant to the growth and market performance of Italian wine and wine in general in the country under discussion, and should feature some attractive photographs in *.jpg format at 300 dpi resolution.

The publication is offering a payment of 600 euros.

In addition, Enotria has decided to sponsor a competition for design schools/Italian art institutes, with the objective ³of creating advertising for the promotion of Italian wine throughout the world, with a single design that would be suitable for all countries.² The editorial department here will receive the submissions and will ask the journalists who are writing for our dossier to serve on the jury, selecting the design sketch and publicity proposal that they think the most effective, in the context of the market situation and demands of their respective country. We would ask our dossier partners to make their decisions both according to their own professional criteria as well as by showing the projects to a number of their acquaintances or colleagues. The journalist should then comment on the submission judged to be the most successful and effective, communicating the reasons behind the selection (20 lines should be enough). At the end of the process, the editors will examine the evaluations from all the various countries, as well as those of a jury here in Italy, and will present the award to the winning school during the presentation of /Enotria/ at Vinitaly 2007.

For Mexico, I thought that you would be the most qualified professional to collaborate with us on this important project, given your experience and familiarity with all aspects of the market, and your interest in Italian wines. If this project is compatible with your current commitments, I hope that you will accept the invitation to be part of our team.

I would ask you then to let me know your response as soon as possible. I would be pleased, naturally, to furnish any other information you may require. As project coordinator I am responsible for coordinating the team members and for ensuring top-quality results for this extensive inquiry.

I thank you very much for your consideration and I eagerly look forward to your response.

With my warmest best wishes,

Carlo Flamini
Corriere Vinicolo-Unione Italiana Vini
Via San Vittore al Teatro 3, 20123 Milano
Tel. 02 72 22 28 51
Fax 02 86 62 26

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Request for Mexican wine in Los Angeles

Women & Wine, a lifestyle company that creates signature experiences for savvy women (men optional!) who love wine, food, travel and the other great things in life, is presenting the Women & Wine and Film Series at the Crest Theater in West L.A. this fall. The evenings will feature culinary classic films and the food and wine they inspire.

On October 3, we are showing "Like Water for Chocolate." We will be serving Mexican food and we're trying to get some Mexican wines to showcase. Can you help us? We're expecting two hundred guests and would like to offer them tastes of several. I've tasted the new wines coming out of Baja and other parts of Mexico -- while I was in Mexico. Don't know where to get them here in Los Angeles. The event is already getting lots of publicity, so this will be good for the Mexican wine industry.


Sharon Boorstin Sr. V.P. & Editorial DirectorWomen & Wine (
9915 Westwanda DriveBeverly Hills,
CA 90210310-271-8710

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